Having a place to call your own

Customised solutions & consulting

Residential requirements are subject to constant change. Expertise and experience are in demand, more than ever. We won’t give up before we’ve found the perfect solution for you, whether or not it’s a classic old villa with art nouveau features or a profitable investment bond.
JP Immobilien always offers an extensive array of customised solutions:

Property developer

We don’t build castles in the air

After all, we emphasise the value of high-quality architecture in prime locations and focus both on modern design and functionality. In addition, we track and support all our construction projects from the initial planning and construction phases right through to a turnkey handover.


We turn your visions into reality

Do I prefer to buy or prefer to rent? Many of our customers ask themselves this question. Yet one thing is clear to everyone. Having a place to live means more than simply having a roof over your head. We‘ll help you find the perfect home for your needs. Whether you’re looking for an apartment or house, office or retail space, a logistics warehouse or land – we‘ve got what you’re looking for.


When the old leads to a substantially new building fabric

Renovation enables you to receive and enhance the structural fabric of your property, thereby increasing its sales value. We know outstanding craft companies and would be delighted to arrange for them to perform services on your behalf.


Investing is always worthwhile

Especially in the case of investment apartments and property bonds. Quite simply because we can offer you what really is of value when planning your financial future: security. By forming capital forming capital based on non-cash assets, you can be sure of a sound investment.


Knowledge is valuable

Knowing the true value of property is both helpful and frequently unavoidable. We know the market like the back of our hand and can therefore offer you market value surveys for virtually all kinds of properties in Vienna.


Expertise coupled with an outstanding knowledge of the market

Let us take care of whatever it is you have on your mind. Thanks to many years of experience, sound expertise and an excellent knowledge of the market we can answer any question you may have – from garage parking to tenement buildings.

“We want to stay on top and know your needs
before you do.”

Dr. Daniel Jelitzka

apartments and offices sold or rented
developed apartments and offices
developed apartment buildings

Corporate portrait

The challenge we face is to find a tailor-made solution for each of our customers.
We want to explore and continue to develop housing in all its forms. We also embody this diversity in our company by trying to think outside the box and by adopting different perspectives.
That‘s why we’re not just brokers, but also marketers, property developers, pioneers of branded addresses, urban planners and investment partners.

Managing directors
Mag. Dr. Daniel Jelitzka, MRICS

Managing partner, real estate economist, generally sworn and judicially certified expert

Mag. Dr. Daniel Jelitzka, MRICS
Reza Akhavan

Managing partner

Reza Akhavan
Martin Müller

Managing partner, academic real estate consultant and property manager

Martin Müller
Authorized officer
Andreas Bakany

Authorised representative, division manager controlling and finance

Andreas Bakany
Mag. (FH) Michael Janecek, MSc

Authorised representative, division manager asset management

Mag. (FH) Michael Janecek, MSc
Estate agents
Daniel Madile

Real estate consultant condominiums and rental apartments, academic real estate consultant and property manager

Daniel Madile
Daniela Maria Jelitzka

Real estate consultant condominiums and rental apartments

Daniela Maria Jelitzka
Doris Kurzweil

Real estate consultant condominiums and rental apartments

Doris Kurzweil
Kathrin Fercher

Real estate consultant office and business properties

Kathrin Fercher
Vladimir Adamovic

Real estate consultant condominiums and rental apartments

Vladimir Adamovic
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