Die Josefine

Vintage glamour

Located in the heart of Vienna, Die Josefine is a very special boutique hotel which invites guests to follow in the footsteps of its namesake Josephine de Bourblanc – into a world of glamour where the style of the 1920s meets classic Gründerzeit architecture and the charm and luxury of today.

The project

In collaboration with the architects from MEGATABS, the Gründerzeit house (dating from the late 19th century) on Esterhazygasse in the centre of Vienna was converted into an Art Deco enclave. Green marble, seductive velvet, custom-made period furniture and selected designer pieces are used to decorate 47 rooms, all public areas and the Barfly’s Club in the basement of this extraordinary hideaway in the heart of the city. Belonging to a different era and yet bang up to date, Die Josefine is a place for open-minded Bohemians and style-conscious business travellers alike.


  • Plot size: 2473 sq.m.
  • Usable floor space: 4060 sq.m.