Highly rated at AA-

Seven reasons in favour of JP Immobilien Bond Two

1. Sound investment due to mainly good middle-class residential and commercial properties
2. Land registry guarantee ensures best value for money (100% collateralisation of principal and interest)
3. Fixed interest rate of 3.75% per annum over 10 years
4. Steady yields from existing income-generating properties
5. Excellent loan-to-value-ratio of less than 60%
6. Outstanding AA- rating from the Creditreform Rating agency
7. No hidden fees for property management

Investment Property

Buy-to-let property as a classic non-cash asset. A valuable investment in your future

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JP Bond One

The first bond with land register security 100% collateralisation of principal and interest Rating: A+

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Imprint and Disclaimer

The document in question and the information it contains shall not be seen as a recommendation or as an offer or invitation to buy an investment property of JP Immobilien. It is neither in its whole nor in bits and pieces part of a contract or has any kind of binding character. The information in this file has not been verified by an independent party. The publisher is not assuming any liability regarding fairness, accuracy, completeness, currentness of data or correctness of the containing information; misprints expected. Neither JP Immobilienmakler GmbH nor its linked companies, employees, representatives or consultants are liable for damages, that may arise from using this document, its content or from any other connections to this document. Please take binding requests or documents about JP Immobilien-Vorsorgewohnungen (investment properties) only from actual offers of JP Immobilienmakler GmbH according to the current law.

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