Nielsen, Nielsen & Nielsen

Nielsen, Nielsen & Nielsen have become 3XN, a Danish architectural firm with an international reputation. Congratulations!

2016 marks a very special year in the history of 3XN. On the one hand, the Danish architecture firm celebrates its 30th anniversary, last but not least with an exhibition organised by the Architekturforum Aedes in Berlin. On the other, it can once again look forward to building on its remarkably creative activities. A spectacular design for a residential building in Toronto, Canada, directly on the shore of Lake Ontario, enabled 3XN to embark on its first project in North America last year. This now been presented in detail to the public for the very first time. Reactions were extremely positive on all sides, and have been paralleled in Vienna, where N°10 – a no less virtuoso residential development by 3XN – will soon assume concrete forms. Located in the first district, the latter project was initiated and is exclusively marketed by JP Immobilien.

3XN started out in Aarhus as a relatively small outfit in 1986. At the time, the architecture firm still went by the name of its three founders, Nielsen, Nielsen & Nielsen. This witty appellation was soon to be abbreviated to 3XN, however – internationally, the buildings of the Danish architects would speak for themselves. A milestone on the path towards greater attention was the new Holstebro court building in 1992. It was followed by commissions from all over Denmark and Scandinavia, many of them garnering architectural awards.

What became evident in those days is what distinguishes and automatically continues to drive 3XN on today. The Danes’ approach to architecture builds on the virtues of Scandinavian design. Clarity and functionality take overriding priority. They result in the form of durable design and implementation which the frequently harsh climate of the European North requires. In addition, 3XN’s unique qualities reside in their ability to take on all kinds of locations and needs. They make buildings an experience and an independent, consistent narrative.

3XN’s buildings are always a delight to behold with their architectural clarity, materials and celebrated details.

This is precisely why those fortunate enough to shortly be spending a few days in Copenhagen should certainly not miss out on “Den Blå Planet” (the blue planet). Denmark’s national aquarium has been masterfully designed by 3XN. It assumes the shape of whirling water and shoals of fish. Biology, architecture and life merge into a rare work of art. It couldn’t have been done any better.

Because this all this also takes place in a completely unpretentious way, 3XN have long been the architects of choice for prestigious and cultural buildings throughout the world. Whether it’s the Danish Embassy in Berlin, the Muziekgebouw concert hall in Amsterdam, the Plassen cultural centre in Molde, the Royal Arena in Copenhagen, the new Museum of Liverpool, to name but a few of many widely acclaimed major projects, 3XN have created distinctive city architecture in many places.

So it comes as no surprise, then, that over one hundred employees currently work at the headquarters in Copenhagen and the branch office in Stockholm. Especially since Toronto and Vienna are only two of the cities that are currently keep 3XN busy. Sydney, Mumbai, Lake Geneva, Paris, Munich, London and Dublin – the list of references is continually growing. Clients all over the world have recognised that 3XN stands for visionary architects and forward-looking designers who master a modern design language without wasting time on fashionable effects. As a result, the Danes have to put up with being assigned the label of star architects. After all, what other way is there to describe the density and do justice to the broad spread of buildings with such quality? Congratulations, 3XN!

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