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Living in Hackengasse Urban Living in 1150. The house at Hackengasse 30 in Rudolfsheim Fünfhaus,...
18 Properties
from 209.000€
to 959.000€
from 36m2 to 122m2
KAYSER This exclusive address opens up perspective for innovative living. The view in ...
34 Properties
from 587.000€
to 2.895.000€
from 38m2 to 157m2
Living in Wilhelmstrasse Wilhelmstrasse 56-60 is a project in the 12th district with 48 apartments and 2 ...
5 Properties
from 249.900€
to 494.900€
from 54m2 to 83m2
Studio A by Conran + Partners Individual, smart, visionary - with Studio A by Conran + Partners, the living...
2 Properties
from 1.449.000€
to 1.590.000€
from 127m2 to 129m2
Living in Anton-Baumgartner-Straße In autumn 2020, a residential complex with a total of 53 residential units will ...
53 properties successfully broked
Modenapark – an exquisit neighborhood Living in the middle of the city and still enjoying the green of nature doesn't ...
4 Properties
from 988.000€
to 1.299.000€
from 101m2 to 138m2
N°10 Designed by international trend-setting architects 3XN, a total of 73 modern...
2 Properties
from 4.340.000€
to 4.760.000€
from 208m2 to 239m2
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