Telegraf 7, a contemporary take on an office building offers a symbiosis of architectural quality and special design. Once a switchboard centre for the new medium of the telephone, it is now an ideally located hot spot for communicative work in the heart of Vienna.
When function meets design, it creates more creative space for outstanding ideas. The best place to experience this is on the roof terraces with their views of the city.


The Project

Constructed in the late Gründerzeit, this tenement building used to be a telegraph office close to the Naschmarkt. The same property is now JP Immobilien’s first exclusive office project. The building, which features an inner courtyard and two lateral stairways, is ideal for commercial use thanks to its generously dimensioned interiors. BEHF corporate architects carefully renovated the listed architecture which offers convincing amenities such as a public terrace, the Telegraf 7 suite that can be used by all of the tenants as well as a private gym and the convenience of a private garage.

The Property

Usable area:
4.400 m2


The marketing strategy dispensed with technocratic details in favour of focusing completely on emotionalisation. As a result we managed to sign up tenants for almost the whole building one year prior to completion.

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