Santner property management

Consultancy steeped in tradition.

Taken care of

In the best hands.

Santner Immobilienberatung GmbH was founded by Hubert Santner in 1989. The company’s services include managing conventional apartment buildings, new construction projects and condominium complexes, as well as some hotel projects. The building stock managed is mainly located in Vienna and the surrounding area and covers an area of around 920,000 sq.m. The company’s primary objective is to optimise management costs, increase income from the properties and provide excellent on-site support.

Great importance is also attached to the best possible ongoing maintenance of the properties following the current state of the art. In this respect in particular, the local administrators are supported by the company’s own licensed technical office – Ingenieurbüro. At the same time, it takes on all tasks involving the renovation of buildings. These range from design planning, costing and commissioning to submission to the building authorities, the entire construction process and supervision to final acceptance.