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ESG is the phrase on everyone’s lips.

We are taking on responsibility

Today and in the future.

As part of the Green Deal, the EU is defining new rules for a sustainable economy on several levels. The term ESG stands for Environmental Social Governance. Environmental refers to ecological responsibility, social refers to societal responsibility, while governance refers to the dimension of responsible corporate management. At JP, this approach has been a priority for us from the very beginning, and we have pushed it not only when it comes to the environmental aspect, but the other ESG criteria, too. The real estate industry in particular can contribute significantly to a shift towards sustainability.

“Looking ahead and taking responsibility for our cultural, social and ecological environment are the cornerstones of our company culture.”

Dr Daniel Jelitzka on the sustainable identity of JP Real Estate

ENVIRONMENTAL. Our commitment to the environment

Nurturing nature.

In our core business – the construction and renovation of buildings – we are particularly confronted with the need to take responsibility for the environment. This is why ecology is a top priority in our projects and is implemented in concrete measures. These include charging stations for electric vehicles, powering communal areas using photovoltaics, with the surpluses from this being fed into the general grid, electric cars for the residential community or heating supplied from geothermal energy, air-source heat pumps or district heating instead of gas.

We are also moving forward in our efforts in going green with building digitalisation. puck, „the good spirit“ in the home, creates environmentally friendly added value for the property as well as for the surrounding neighbourhood with various components – from apps to notice boards to parcel boxes – for example, by controlling watering according to actual demand or by users supporting their local corner shop.

Here are some examples of our environmental commitment:


There for one another.

Since our very beginnings, we have been involved in design, architecture and contemporary art.

Art and culture are incredibly important for society. They highlight social debates and point beyond everyday events. For us, they detect social developments that we want to recognise and influence. Artists help us to look beyond the horizon of daily events. Young artists help us to look at where society is going and what their generation has to say to us. Above all, it is the careful preservation and shaping of the environment that they show us is a pressing issue.

That is why we provide space and support for them; for example, as a long-standing sponsor of the Burgtheater or as the initiator of Superscape, the architecture prize for innovative and visionary concepts. We also take care of social issues within our company culture with numerous employee benefits and a liveable working environment.

Here are some examples of our commitment to young art:

“We take on responsibility and the smallest change in our behaviour will have a positive impact, because we are all part of the solution to global problems.”

Reza Akhavan on JP Real Estate’s attitude towards being part of the bigger picture

GOVERNANCE. Our commitment to corporate governance

Living our responsibility.

The way a company acts both externally and internally also plays a decisive role in its sustainability. Accordingly, we base our corporate governance on strict moral and ethical criteria when it comes to management, monitoring, political commitment and even business relationships. In our company culture, we ensure loyalty, fairness and trust and, as a socially responsible company, we create framework conditions that foster top performance in a liveable environment. We do our best to rank among the best companies in Austria as a “Great Place to Work”, which was confirmed once again this year with an award.

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